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Product Development Services


Electro - Mechanical Design

Anything in need of a combination of electrical and mechanical integration has our support. Mechanical engineering is our expertise, while we have a network of consultants to support electrical and software engineering.

  • Mechanical Design and Strength Analysis

  • Dynamics and Vibrations Studies

  • Reliability and Fatigue Analysis

  • Electro-Mechanical Design

Thermal - Fluid Design

Whether you are looking for thermal design, aerodynamics design, or a thermal fluid combination, we have the expertise and technology to support your needs. 

  • Wind Tunnel Design and Development

  • Heat Sink Analysis and Design

  • Aerodynamic Development

  • Electronics Thermal Analysis

CFD 1.png
Industrial Robotic Arm

Automation and Controls

Automation of machines and devices such as farm equipment, industrial machinery, oil industry equipment, and consumer products. We have resources and expertise in many areas such as,

  • Automation with Hydraulics and PTO Power from tractors for farm implements.

  • Hydraulic automation with Danfoss control systems in the oil industry. 

  • Arduino, C++, Danfoss Plus+1, and CAN Bus Networking protocol.

  • Pneumatic automation with Arduino controls in manufacturing processing equipment.

Industrial Design

How it looks and feels is vital to the success of a project. With experience designing consumer products, we will 

Industrial Design Car Sketch
Industrial Design Car Sketch

Ergonomics and Safety

Safety is our number one priority in product development whether it be a piece of farm equipment or a hand held electro-mechanical device. Second only to safety is ergonomics. If it doesn't feel right, then it just may not be "right."

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