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The Atlas Hand tool delivery system is designed to deliver tools to you when you need them without the hassle of dealing with hose lines or cables. This swing model mounts to a bench or horizontal surface, collapses down to a compact size, and extends out to a 12 ft tool reach. Works well with 15ft TIG or MIG lines.

Atlas Hand 12ft Swing Model Bench Mount

SKU: 36421538
    • 7ft arm reach/12ft tool reach
    • 24in vertical travel
    • Bench mount
    • 270 degree swing
    • 15 ft 3/8" hybrid polymer pneumatic main line
    • 3 - 5ft 1/4" hybrid polymer pneumatic lines with universal female QD connections and male swivel 3/8" ends
    • 15 ft 110v extension cord with 3 plugs
    • 2 angle grinder tool holders
    • 3 die grinder tool holders
    • 2 welding torch holders
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