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"The flat folding machine that looks like it is going MAD"

Why get Mad with a Flatter

Having spent many years folding thousands of these things by hand, its encouraging to finally see this automation come to life. Any operation that has the pleasure of using these boxes may find interest in the Mad Flatter. On a farm, there are endless tasks to do, folding boxes does not need to be one of them. 


Finding labor in any business can prove to be challenging, especially when the business has operations that are highly repeatable and can be automated. The Mad Flatter automates the process of preparing 1/2 flats for berries and can be customized for many other types of boxes. 

02 / SAFE

Integrated with a safety system, the Mad Flatter makes it difficult for an operator to unknowingly put themselves in an unsafe situation. The use of safety switches, relays, and light curtains on access points of the machine help mitigate the risk of dangerous situations.


At 4-6 seconds per fully folded and pinted flat, the Mad Flatter outpaces up to 6 average personnel manually doing the same job. With the Mad Flatter, you can keep other work going when flats need to be produced.

"All in one"


This system automatically warns the operator when the flat hopper is low, stops when it is empty and moves out of the way when the operator is present to load more flats. This system can hold up to 100 unfolded flats.


Convenient and repeatable mechanisms were developed to produce reliable fold results in three stages,

  • Pre-Fold: Preps the shape for folding with a main plunge cylinder.

  • Main Fold: Folds the main sides with opposing cylinders.

  • Final Fold: Closes the shape with the final fold on opposing sides.

03 / PINTS

This system comes with three

hoppers to speed up the pint

insertion process. The hoppers

hold up to 100 flats worth of pints to match the flat load capacity with easy load openings for the operator to load pints. 


When the flat is finished, the machine automatically stacks the flats to a programmable height and delivers the stacks to an operator unload area. 

"Have it customized to your needs"


Have a different box size? We can easily adjust the machine to account for a number of different sizes. Have a different style of box? Contact us and we will explore the opportunity for this machine to fold your box.

2021-10-03 10_36_39-StrawberryOutbreakOregon_Edited.png (954×461).png
2021-10-03 10_31_33-plastic berry pint - Google Search.png

Have a different pint style? Paper? Plastic? Wood? We can modify this system to manage multiple pint types.

2021-10-03 10_30_43-Amazon.com_ Green Molded Pulp Fiber Produce Vented Berry Basket 1 Pint

This system can be retrofitted with a longer bay for more finished product delivery as well as delivering the final flats onto a pallet. The hoppers can be adjusted for larger quantities between loading as well.


Need remote access to the machine? Data logging? We can provide wireless communication with data logging and statistics monitoring.  

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