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Professional Engineering Services


A collaboration of consultants to bring a breadth of knowledge to progressing humans to towards space. 

  • Mechanical and strength analysis of thrust and drag forces 

  • Dynamics and Vibrations analysis with differing gravitational pulls

  • Impact and thermal shock analysis of space flight


Licensed in the state of Oregon to practice mechanical engineering, we are able to provide a variety of services in the residential space. 

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

  • Small structure engineering. Note: we are not certified to practice structural engineering. 

  • Please inquire for further services we provide. 

Modern House
Well Drill

Structural and Heavy Machinery

For non-PE related structural design, we can provide design services of stationary structures as well as automation and controls in industrial machines such as devices such as farm equipment, industrial machinery, oil industry equipment, and consumer products. We have resources and expertise in many areas such as,

  • Structural design per AISC.

  • Automation with Hydraulics and PTO Power from tractors for farm implements.

  • Hydraulic automation with Danfoss control systems in the oil industry. 

  • Arduino, C++, Danfoss Plus+1, and CAN Bus Networking protocol.

  • Pneumatic automation with Arduino controls in manufacturing processing equipment.

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